We also have modern handling machines at our disposal for the refinement of your packaging. With our own photo and sieve laboratory, we are flexible with print changes and new orders. We print selfmade or external produced articles. In conventional and up to 4 colors UV printing. With our machines we can refine flat, oval and round articles. On a modern 6-color offset UV system we print round articles such as deodorant sticks, spice shakers etc. On our pad printing machines we process various of parts. We apply gold, silver, picture films and we even use paint on our emboossing machines. With our manual and semi-automatic ultarsonic systems we connect a wide variety of parts inseparably. There are other various  systems available to connect different parts. Depending on the requirements also under clean room. The production is comitted to constant quality control, tests and check-ups under our exact instructions and strict inspections.