Quality is reflected not only in the product, but also in product development, customer service and reliable partnership with all interested parties. Through modern infrastructure and production facilities, operated by qualified and motivated employees, we achieve constant quality at the highest level. Clearly defined and controlled processes help us in this. We are proud that our quality management system has been certified according to the ISO standard since 2003.

The food industry must comply to strict hygiene regulations. This places high demands on their suppliers of packaging materials. After many years of certification according to the BRC/IoP standard, we converted to FSSC (ISO 22000/22002-4) 

In 2015  the company SQS confirms the control of food safety and risks to Kunststoff-Packungen AG with a certificate. The company hygiene concept defines so called hygiene zones, where there are clearly defined rules for all employees. This applies to clothing, eating and drinkig, as well as the handling of the materials which are used for the product. The goal of this standard is to ensure safety and quality with in the production until the delivery of the packaging.

You can find all our certificates under: DOWNLOADS → CERTIFICATES