• Kunststoff


    We know the industry-specific requirements.

  • All from a

    single source

    We combine the three most important production processes in the manufacture of Kunststoff-Packungen.

  • Tradition


    For more than 125 years we have been at our customers' side with advice and action.


We package your expertise

Our secret of success is the combination between tradition and innovation, with over 100 years in experience our companies history speaks for itself. Today we are proud to present a flexible, dynamic and modern company in a highly competitive market. We recognize customer needs ahead of time and offer individual packaging solutions with great function. Everything from a single source.

Kunststoff-Packungen AG combines the three most important production processes under one roof.

This enables us to advise customers on a process neutral basis always with the intentions to provide the perfect packaging for their product. We do not only help to create the ideal shape, we also search for the best raw materials and the most profitable way of processing the product. We invent and secure the maintenance of the tools it takes to print, label and create your product. Our perfect production gives us the possibility to take full advantage of the materials. For the love of the enviorment.